Our Company

Nexta Direct is an international Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company that is registered and located in Barcelona, Spain. As a company our core business is built around our every growing BPO platform. We offer our services predominantly to medium to high risk clients/merchants that are mid-sized to large organisations who are looking for complete business solutions. Our constructive approach to finding and implementing long term business solutions enables our clients to focus and relocate resources to other core areas of their business.

We have found that globally, companies are increasingly embracing outsourcing across a much wider range of front and back office processes to help improve and transform their businesses. The main reason for this increase, in addition to significant cost savings, Business Process Outsourcing has become a lever for driving business growth and innovation.

No longer is Business Process Outsourcing just about consolidating back office processes in lower cost locations or handing over inefficient processes to a third party. The evolution of process and technology means that organisations can and should expect world class outcomes that align with shareholder value.

What is a Business Process Outsourcing company?

A Business Process Outsourcing company specialises in helping organizations manage their back office, front office or complete company offering them various business and administrative services and solutions. These include complete or partial company administration, client billing/collection management for their products and services, internal payroll services, record keeping and reconciliation along with performance management tools to monitor their company and enhance productivity and streamline their client’s dealings with their organisation.